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Instructional Program:

The Clark Soccer Club Instructional program is focused on introducing the game of soccer to Pre-kindergarten aged children. The program is designed for first time players interested in understanding what soccer is all about. The program includes games and activities that allow kids to learn at their own pace while having fun and improving their motor skills. While enjoying themselves, the children develop skills that will be used later at the recreational level of the club's soccer program and in other activities they participate in. Along with encouraging skill development in the young players, the program aims to instill a sense of enjoyment and excitement about the game of soccer that will lead to a lifelong love of the game.


The program runs for 8 weeks on Saturdays in one-hour sessions starting at either 11AM or 12PM in both the spring and fall seasons. The club utilizes a professional soccer training company to run all sessions. All participants receive a T-shirt and soccer ball with their paid registration fee. Although there are no games in the instructional program, all players are required to wear shin guards and cleats.

In-Town Recreation Program:

The principal focus of the Clark Soccer Club’s recreational program is to organize, promote, and administer programs for the recreationally oriented youth soccer players in a fun and safe environment. 


The Clark Soccer Club runs both a Spring and Fall Soccer season consisting of approximately 10 games each.  The spring season runs from early April until mid June, with games typically on Sundays.  The fall season runs from September until early November, with games on both Saturdays and Sundays.  Each season the club plans a fun filled day of soccer run as a mini-tournament.   The day consists of a mix of soccer and fun activities for the kids.


Programs for the youngest players focus on learning and fun in a non-competitive environment.  As players progress through the program, they learn the lessons of teamwork, dedication and competition in a minimally competitive environment with a continued focus on pure enjoyment of the game. 


All coaches in the recreational program are volunteers from the community.  The club provides support for new / first time coaches and encourages all coaches regardless of experience level to teach good sportsmanship and provide fair playing time for all participants. Teams usually practice one day per week but they can practice more often depending on the discretion of the coaches. There is usually one game per week on either Saturday or Sunday. 


Everyone in the townships of Clark, Garwood and Winfield are invited to participate in the Clark Soccer Club at all levels.  We believe that our club has put together an excellent program that mixes the fun of soccer with a rewarding learning experience. 


The true measure of success for the club is seeing the youth of the community return year after year to participate in the great game of soccer.

The Clark Soccer Club Intercounty program is intended for players who are interested in playing recreational soccer beyond the in-town program. The program starts at the 6th grade level and continues through grade 11. The program provides the opportunity to play recreational soccer against teams in nearby towns who, like Clark, participate in the Suburban Youth Soccer League (SYSL). The SYSL consists of teams from the other neighboring towns.



The goals of the intercounty programs are the same as the in-town recreation program:



  Provide an environment for a fun, positive and
  memorable experience through the game of soccer
  Continue to enhance the player’s soccer skills within a
  recreational environment
  Foster a sense of teamwork, dedication, competition
  and sportmanship
  Experience personal and team success and let down
  Develop a life-long love for the game



Intercounty teams participate in both the spring and fall soccer season. All teams are managed and coached by volunteers of the soccer club. Teams usually practice one day per week but they can practice more often depending on the discretion of the coaches. There is usually one game per week on either Saturday or Sunday but at times games will be played mid-week.


Teams are formed in the fall and spring depending on the number of registered player. No try-outs are required.


Teams can be established based on gender or can be co-ed. Typically, teams are grouped into the U12, U14 and U17 age categories. Age qualification is dependent on the player’s age as of August 1st of a given year. As such, any player who does not turn 14 before August 1 will be U-14. A player who is older but does not turn 17 before August 1 will be U-17. Players who are in grades 5 and 6 are typically U-12; grades 7 and 8 are U-14 and grades 9, 10 and 11 are U-17.


Anyone interested in the Intercounty recreational program can register through the same means as the in-town program. Registration typically takes place during the summer months for the fall season and during December and January for the Spring season. Details can be found at the top of the page by following the “Registration” link.

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Clark Soccer Club

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Clark Soccer Club

PO Box 904 
Clark, New Jersey 07066

Phone: 732-882-7470
Email: [email protected]
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